Toni Menzel

Developer Ergonomics Analyst
Hannover, Germany

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Make the right thing simple and the wrong thing incredibly hard.

What is Developer Ergonomics ?

Software Developers are the new Kingmakers.
Software Developers are also not attached to your business goals.
How do you find the balance between creative freedom and restrictive constraints?

Some issues that persist in business software projects today, where technology is not the answer:

These are only a few of the problems. But i am sure you get the idea: The current situation is not good.

A possible path to fix this

Developer Ergonomics is about all-day mechanics to increase developer productivity, improve software quality and providing a good work environment to attract and retain top talent. Listening to Developers is the first step.

Developer Ergonomics is about providing the right amount of creative space and meaningful borders which some also call railroads. Practically this means creating custom development kits (SDKs) that are suited for the job at hand.

Developer Ergonomics is not a single technology or principle. It is a new view: Looking at how software is invented, being developed and how it is nurtured.

What is needed ?

Agile Management Principles, Containerized Solutions, Open Source Software. Its a good start but worth little without looking at Developer Ergonomics.

We need better SDKs, clear guidelines understandable for everyone and meaningful governance for the digital age.

Developer Ergonomics is a key differentiator in digital transformation.

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Some Clients

Concardis | Deutsche Bank | DZ Bank | SMA Solar Technology | Morgan Stanley


Some recommendations

"Expert, High Integrity, Creative. Toni is an expert in the field of OSGi, and I enjoyed working with him. His knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others makes him a great guy to have in your team."

"Toni has a deep technical knowledge in the area of OSGI and Java. His test skills are above average. He is a fine person to work with, clear in communication. He is flexible and a very good team player."