Toni Menzel

Your Developer Advocate |

A developer advocate is someone whose primary responsibility is to maximize the happiness & productivity of a software development team. I love working closely with team leads and team members in order to integrate new processes & technologies effectively.

What I can do for your team

Component Lifecycle Management

In the recent decade i worked with more than 15 corporations like Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Lufthansa on a variety of technology and communication efforts. There i was able to develop deep expertize in those areas: It is all about the leverage you unlock with technology that fits your needs. My company rebaze is happy to share this expertize with you in your next project.

Technology Onboarding : Let's repackage work

My passion is helping people getting started with anything in the most effective way. For me it is the mariage of an optimized integration process for new emplyees or project members, and the way you communicate within your team.

Rebaze helps you strive for the goal that anyone in your team (junior or veteran) can adopt any task with his or her best potential productivity.

What clients say

"Expert, High Integrity, Creative. Toni is an expert in the field of OSGi, and I enjoyed working with him. His knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others makes him a great guy to have in your team."

"Toni has a deep technical knowledge in the area of OSGI and Java. His test skills are above average. He is a fine person to work with, clear in communication. He is flexible and a very good team player."